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Curriculum: M.A., School Counseling

General Approach

The Master of Arts in School Counseling program is a degree program that trains school counselors for work in ethnically, geographically, and socially diverse K-12 educational settings. The 48 credit program prepares students for certification as school counselors through theoretical, clinical, and professional coursework and experiences including a 9 credit field internship in a school.

Coursework: Master of Arts in School Counseling

Counseling Core

CPSY 6002 *Counseling Theory 3
CPSY 6103 *Abnormal Psychology 3
CPSY 6301 *Career Development and Counseling 3
CPSY 6316 *Group Counseling (prerequisites: CPSY 6002 and CPSY 6003) 3
CPSY 6003 *Counseling Skills 3


CPSY 6005 **Appraisal and Assessment in Counseling 3

Psychological Foundations

CPSY 6102 *Psychology of Human Development 3
CPSY 6505 *Principles of Learning and Behavior Modifications 3

Sociological Foundations

CPSY 8100 *Multicultural Counseling and Psychology 3
CPSY 6303 *Counseling and Community Agencies 3


CPSY 7101 Research Methods 3

Supervised Experience

CPSY 7310 Practicum in Counseling 3
CPSY 7380 Internship in Counseling I 3
CPSY 7381 Internship in Counseling II 3

Professional Orientation

CPSY 6305 Counseling and Supervision in School Settings 3
CPSY 7001 Counselor Ethics in Practice 3

*Must be taken before Practicum and Internship
**Must be taken before or with Practicum


  • CPSY 6302, Orientation to Professional Counseling, is not currently required but is recommended.
  • Program requirements are subject to change: Please arrange course schedules in consultation with your advisor.
  • Students seeking both School Counselor certification and Professional Counselor Licensure must meet the requirements for both programs, for which they will receive the M.A. in School Counseling and the Ed.S. in Professional Counseling. Additional required courses are the following:

CPSY 6302, Orientation to Professional Counseling
CPSY 6601, Couple and Family Dynamics
CPSY 7005, Statistics and Computer Applications I
CPSY 6310, Etiology and Treatment of Addictions
CPSY 8520, Seminar in Psychopathology
CPSY 7383, Internship in Counseling III (Internships II and III must be in mental health settings)