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Seton Hall’s award-winning Career Center collaborates with academic units across the University to offer internships hosted by private and public businesses and institutions. The Career Center offers over 17,000 internships spanning different time commitments to suit students’ academic needs including credit-and non-credit-bearing, part-time and full-time, as well as paid and unpaid positions. Internship experiences create the opportunity to apply and hone knowledge and skill sets in a professional setting, which in turn helps students envision themselves in a particular career path. 

The Career Center

The Career Center assists students in finding career preparation experiences which provide them with the opportunity to develop key competencies, gain confidence in their career decisions, and begin to create a professional network. Learn more about the opportunities available to you at the career center.


School of Diplomacy and International Relations Internships

School of Diplomacy and International Relations students participate in internships for academic credit as part of their degree programs. The School also manages a database of internship opportunities that are relevant to the international relations field.    
The Semester in Washington D.C. program, administered by the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, and open to all Seton Hall students, offers the opportunity to learn and intern as a full-time student in the nation’s capital for a fall or spring semester.  

Learn more about internships with the School of Diplomacy and International Relations: 

At Seton Hall, students learn through lectures and classroom discussion as well through hands-on experience. Experiential experiences mean students learn by first doing—then analyzing and reflecting. This approach reinforces knowledge acquisition and spurs creativity and focus.