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For Seton Hall and Visiting Students only

Billing Procedures

Students will be billed after registration. All tuition and fees must be paid by the due date stated on the bill. Tuition cannot be adjusted nor a refund made after the day of the second scheduled class meeting. Registered students must officially drop their course(s) on the web or in person in the Office of the Registrar by the add/drop deadline, or be responsible for all tuition and fee charges. 

Audit Procedure

Students who wish to audit may enroll in those courses for which they are qualified; however, they may be dropped by the professor if their presence impedes normal class progress. Auditors are expected to attend class regularly, but are not obliged to take tests or meet other course requirements. The designation of AU is noted on the transcript but is not used in determining class standing, eligibility or grade point average.

There are two ways to audit a course:

  1. Declare audit status at the time of registration.
    Students who declare audit status at the time of registration (before billing) and complete an Audit Registration Declaration form may be eligible for the audit tuition rate of $100 per credit, plus the University fee. This form is available in the Registrar Service Counter and must be completed each time audit status is requested. Students may not change their status from audit to credit. Refunds are only granted through the add/drop period, i.e. the end of the second scheduled class meeting. No refund for withdrawal can be granted. Students may not opt for the audit declaration until the registration date immediately preceding the summer session. Audit declaration is not available at preregistration.
  2. Register for the course for credit and change to audit status.
    Students who register for credit may request change from credit to audit status by the second class meeting in summer session only by completing a Course Adjustment Form, available in the Registrar Service Counter. Full tuition is charged.

*Audit status is not available at any time for closed courses, applied art or music, lab or computer courses, photography and graphics (COGR), independent study courses, master or doctoral research and thesis/dissertation courses, off-campus courses, on-line and other selected courses. Please check with the Registrar Services Counter before requesting audit status.

Audit tuition reduction cannot be combined with any other reduced tuition rate. The greater tuition reduction will apply.