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Graduate Course Offerings

Grow in your faith! Choose from a variety of graduate theological courses, and apply credits toward a Master of Arts in Theology or a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry.

For details and application information, please e-mail or call (973) 761-9633 - or simply complete the form.

Prefer to begin your journey by fully matriculating into a master's program? Inquire about our graduate degrees and certificates.

Summer 2023 Courses

Descriptions for each course may be found in Seton Hall University's graduate course catalog.

BIBL6571/PTHO 6571 Parables of Jesus
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Gregory Glazov, D.Phil.

PTHO6802/STHO6802 Theology of Work and Rest
Online, Synchronous
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 

6 – 9:15 p.m.
Julie Burkey, D.Min.

STHO 6585 Creation and Science
Online, Asynchronous
Rev. Joseph Laracy, S.T.D.

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G Gregory TobinIn Their Own Words:
G. Gregory Tobin

Master of Arts in Theology, Church History Concentration, 2006;
Author; former Chief Executive, Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

"I didn’t plan or expect to be educated so deeply or broadly. I came to appreciate the academic credentials of the priest, and the non-ordained, faculty and the deep hunger among the students. Both in class and informally in the refectory over coffee, or just chatting outside the classroom, the informal interchange among us was an important aspect of the experience. It was the connection I discovered for myself on my spiritual journey as a Catholic that qualified me for further work in higher education and, now, in nonprofit management."

"A fellow parishioner had asked if I ever thought about studying at the seminary. I inquired and enrolled and was hooked after my first class. I had written a couple of books before I enrolled, and then I wrote several more during my time there related to the papacy and the Church, so I was seeking greater knowledge of theology and church history to support my professional writing. So far, I have published 30 books as author, co-author and ghost writer. A dozen are focused on the Catholic Church, including two novels and biographies of St. John XXIII and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI."